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How it Works at Slime Box Club

Slime Box Club is a monthly club

Each month we send 3 pre-made flavors in each box filled with fun add-ons like glitter, fishbowl beads, foam beads, and mixing tools plus candy and other goodies. Pay as you go - cancel anytime!

Slime Box Club takes the mess out of making slime from scratch

We curate the slime so you don't have to. Pre-Made. No Mess. Happy Kids. Full Of Kiddy Joy!

Slime Box Club takes out the footwork of making your own slime. The monthly subscription service gathers the dyes and slime bases, glue, gemstones and mixing needed to create three different theme-based slimes, then delivers the slime to your door in a neat, confetti-filled package. Subscribers receive each box that features a variety of slime and trending slime.

  • Includes three slime containers with different themes and scents.
  • Each monthly box includes handmade slime from trending recipes.
  • Selected colors and textures for each batch.
  • Use for free play, classroom projects, science experiments, and stress relief.

    Kids-safe Ingredients.

    Our slime is Borax-free and all slime is handmade in the USA.

    Be a Slime Box Club Consultant - Earn Extra Income

    Crazy for SLIME?

    SLIME -Independent Consultants- WANTED!

    How many times have you heard your kids say how much they love SLIME or how many times have you said it yourself? And wouldn’t it be great to make money talking to people about how much you both love it?

    If so, then maybe you should be a consultant. As a Slime Box Club consultant, you’ll bring people together and show them how amazing Slime Box Club is.

    It might surprise you how much it changes your life and the lives of others. Throw a SLIME party with your friends; your kids and theirs.

    Join Today - Call 1-877-206-29201